Provisionart is a collective born in early 2012 with the aim of telling
what is going on in the streets at that time. From an economic and social
crisis which is revealing itself structural, to a social response which
seems to take society away from a decades-long lethargy.
From Provisionart we work on projects we believe representative of the
moment we are living in. And we do that from a collective approach: the
creative process comprises a dialog between words and looks of the
different members to end up in a coral and anonymous narrative of whatever
we are telling. A common element to all of these projects is a
documentation process which helps us interpret what we are seeing. This
implies often having to avoid last minute news and concentrating on
long-term projects.
Each work becomes an experiment which departs from the experience of the
previous project, We work from photographic series (“#9M12M”, “Market
economy”), photo-diaries (“The drift”) or audiovisual pieces (“The trash
and the dignity”, “What fits in a suitcase”).


Contact: info@provisionart.com